These are links to ducuments that you can view and or print.

A Checklist Of Tinner's Tool anufacturers
Compiled by
Frank G. White (pdf file)
Creating a Pattern for a Cone
By Bob Bartelme (pdf file)
Tin Can Data
Submitted by Paul Barnhart
Finn's Square & Dripping Pan Former
Submitted by Max Schram
J. Rhodes & Son's Machine and Tool Listing
Submitted by Max Schram
Volume of a Cone
Submitted by Bob Bartelme (must have Excel to Run)

Bill McMillen's Betty Lamp Drawings 
(Print with no margins settings on printer)

Solder Data
From Alphametals, Harris, Kester
Soldering Coppers - Info (pdf file) Diameter and Volume Chart - PDF Chart submitted by Paul Barnhart
Steel Guage Chart - pdf format Tin Plate Weight Chart - PDF file from Paul Barnhart
The Development of the Railroad Lantern - pdf file

Pre-Civil War Tinsmiths & Early Glass Companies - pdf file

 Asphaltum Reicpe - pdf file Tin Ovens - EAIA article "Reflections on Tin Kitchens", by Frank G. White - pdf file
 Ellipse Quadrant - pdf file "How To Make a Pierced Tin Lantern" Bud Dudley & Albert Lees, Tinsmiths, Old Sturbridge Village
        Reprinted with Permission
Selected Bibliography of Coppersmith and Tinsmith References
  Prepared by Ann Wagner, Winterthur Museum 2011