SDC Coppersmith Video Rex Morton - Coppersmith at the Silver Dollar City, Branson, MO (WMV File)

Burring - AVI Format

Burring - WMV Format

Bob B - AVI file format and WMV format. WMV is faster but lower quality video. I wanted to try this to see about putting video's onthe site. Le me know your thoughts.
Help on Riveting

Bob B - Video help file on riveting

Sheet Metal Work 10 min 45 sec Description: Shows sheet metal work being done by hand and by machine. Describes the jobs in this field, such as aircraft manufacture and furnace repair, and cites job qualifications.
Rare Trade RARE TRADES TINSMITH DOCUMENTARY. Produced for the National Museum of Australia "Rare Trades" Exhibition. Directed by Kim Batterham & Mark Thompson. Produced by Graeme Isaac. (c) 2002 Mayfan Pty. Ltd & The National Museum of Australia.

You need Quick time Viewer installed on your PC to view this video. Also, it loads very slowely so if you do not have a high speed connection, don't try it.

Peter Blum III Story and Video of Peter Blum III. Published on October 23, 2008 in the Winston-Salem Journal.
Tinning Copper - Video YouTube Video of a Coppersmith in Turkey tinning a Copper Pot using a Forge