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The tentative dates for 2021 are June 25th. - 27th, 2021 (If permitted by CDC)
Location: Old Sturbridge Village, Sturbridge, MA

Welcome to the Tin Tinkers Group  

This site is dedicated to the promotion and exchange of information related to the trade of Historical Tin and Coppersmithing from the Early American Colonial Period to present day techniques.

The purpose of this site is to share ideas, tips and tricks, techniques and history of the trade and the goods that were made. We invite everyone who has an interest in this trade to actively participate.  

About This Site

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What is the Tin & Coppersmith Convergence?

It is the 'converging' or 'coming together' of Coppersmiths, Tinkers, and Tinsmiths from every walk of life and skill level, to share their knowledge and expertise in the Historical trades of related metal working.


Tinsmithing Classes Have been held at the following sites in the past
but nothing is scheduled due to the pandemic.

Eastfield Village

Nassau, NY (Near Albany)

Instructors: Bill McMillen
Steve DeLisle


Eastfield Village Web site

Coppersmith Class

Defiance, Ohio
Instructor: Steve Okuley
Defiance, Ohio

Tinsmithing Class
Instructor: Dennis Kutch

More Info & Registration Form
Newberry, Indiana
Email: dkl.tinker@gmail.com


Tunnel Mill
4505 Highway 63 North
Rochester, MN
Tunnel Mill

John C. Campbell Folk School
Brasstown, NC (Southwest NC)

John C. Campbell Folk School Web Site

Tiller's International

Scotts. MI ( Near Kalamazoo)

Ozark Folk Center
Ozark Folk Center Web Site